My common sense infrastructure reform package brought meaningful structural changes to the state DOT while providing additional revenue to fix our roads. The recently-passed plan shifts authority away from the Legislature by empowering the Governor to appoint all members of the SCDOT Commission, ensuring greater accountability. The Infrastructure Maintenance Trust Fund protects funding for roads and bridges while providing taxpayers with a refundable income tax credit in exchange for a moderate increase in motor fuel user fees. But our work is not finished. This year I was also appointed to a special panel tasked with seeking ways to improve our busy interstates.

I will continue to stand with our teachers and with the hard-working taxpayers of our great state. After 20 years of fighting for creating additional choices for our public schools, we have more choice but we are still not where we need to be. South Carolina teachers deserve more than 4%. I support cutting unnecessary spending so we can use existing funding to increase teacher pay.

We all agree that we should protect children after they’re born — and I thank God that there are people willing to stand up for the rights of those who aren’t yet born. As your Senator, I will be the voice for those who cannot yet speak for themselves, because ALL life is sacred. I am the primary sponsor of a companion bill to the SC Fetal Heartbeat Protection Act. We have a duty to protect unborn little girls and little boys in our state and across the country.