I-526 East Lowcountry Corridor Project

We Need Your Input!

As Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, I have been working with the SCDOT on ways to improve I-526 from Mt. Pleasant to N. Charleston and now I need your help to ensure that it is done right.

My work has now advanced to point where the SCDOT is now accepting the first round of public comments that will be used to further define the project. These comments will be accepted until August 15.

If you share my vision of 8 lanes (two new ones in each direction) from Mt. Pleasant to N. Charleston built with sound barriers and a connector road to provide direct truck access to the Wando Port Terminal, then I need you to provide official comments to the SCDOT. If you want to see these important improvements become a reality, then please take a moment to make sure your voice is heard.

Numbers matter and your comments should include the items you want to see included. Your input is important!



My Vision: Three Main Points

  • Expansion

    I-526 East should be expanded to eight lanes. Two new lanes in each direction should be constructed.

  • Separation

    The Expansion should include a new Wando Port Connector Road to directly link port traffic to I-526. Trucks and residential traffic should be separated.

  • Noise Reduction

    The Expansion should include the construction of noise reducing sound barrier walls.

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Ensure Your Comments Become Part of the Official Record

Information provided will be shared with the SCDOT and become part of the official public comment record if received before August 15.